How to reach Lemnos: boutique hotel limnos


Airline  – There is a Daily flights connecting the island of Lemnos from Athens, Thessaloniki and Mytilene.
For more information you may contact the airport at Spata (Tel. +30 210 3530000) or Myrina (Tel. +30 22 540 92 700, 92 701) 


– Ferry boats reach Limnos from the ports of Pireus, Thessaloniki, Lavrio, Kymi, Kavala, Moudania. Plus the islands, where the ferry boat stops, e.g. Samothraki, Mytilini (Lesvos), Agios Efstratios, etc.. Check out the schedules and timetables at

Getting to the Port – All ports have bus connections to and from the big cities. Traveling to and from Thessaloniki, you will look at the ports of Thessaloniki itself, Moudania, and Kavala. For Athens you want Pireus (but keep a good look at ship travel times, because the “steamer” has to take all the way around Attika), Kymi, but most common currently Lavrio. Ships to and from Lavrio typically take 9 hours. Busses from Athens to Lavrio are stationed at the “Pedio tou Ares”, you can take the Metro to the station “Victoria”, then walk 3 minutes to the bus station. Calculate at least 1.5 hours bus travel time and be early enough because busses leave about each half hour, but you can’t rely on all this. You pay your ticket in the bus, after the bus started the cashier comes around. 

For more information and routes: Piraeus Port Authority (tel. +30 210 4511311 – 19) Port of Myrina (Tel. +30 22 540 22 225)
Transportation within the island: 

(Public) Transport on the island

If you have your own car, you can bring it with the ferry boat. The roads on Limnos are fine, the drivers are not too crazy or dangerous. If you want to go to special places or to the beach with the car, be prepared to drive a few kilometers on dirt roads. On the island, public transport consists of overland busses (in Myrina from the “Platia ton KTEL”, the “KTEL-bus plaza” so to speak, on the upper end of the “agora”, the market street). About once a day each destination is serviced.

Then there are overland taxis, in Myrina either waiting at the port when a ship comes in, or else at their own “platia” in the upper part of the “agora”. Taxis (but no busses) are also waiting at the airport when a flight comes in.

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